Hardwood is among the most common and appealing flooring choices. There are many kinds?of hardwood floors to select?from. Your choices include?pine and maple?to oak?and cherry. You might actually be astounded by your choices. Each kind?of wood flooring provides a distinctive set of features that distinguishes it?from other hardwoods. 

If you’re thinking of starting a Collierville flooring installation project, then you should first know the different hardwood flooring choices available to you. That way, you can pick the perfect type to install in your home. Your choices include: 

1. Oak 

Oak is probably the?most type of hardwood?floor. Oak is extremely tough?as it is resistant to deep scratches and dents. That is why oak a very common option for homeowners who don’t want to use area?rugs. Oak comes in different?colors stains, and it?has very?apparent grain patterns. Oak floors will old and tired?after many?years. But you can refinish?them to bring back their lustrous?look. 

2. Mahogany 

Mahogany is highly?appreciated for its color and beauty. It is also?used for making furniture, musical instruments, and boats. When used as flooring, Mahogany is extremely durable and?water-resistant. The followers of Mahogany love it for its timeless and classic look. 

3. Eucalyptus 

Many individuals are mistaking mahogany as?eucalyptus and vice versa. It is much tougher?than oak,?and it’s?easier to mill. Eucalyptus is easily sourced?throughout the globe and every year it?increases in?market share. The best thing about?eucalyptus?is the fact that it?looks like mahogany?but not as?costly. That is why eucalyptus is?a good alternative to mahogany. 

4. Ash 

As often as not, all?light-colored hardwood floors are?ash wood. Ash is the best choice?for homeowners?who really?like hardwood. Some people think it’s the toughest type of hardwood. Ash can also?be distinguished from hickory its?white dots. It’s also?cheaper than other?hardwoods. 

5. Hickory 

In rustic and?log homes, hickory is very?commonly used. It?has one of the toughest exteriors too. Hickory?is perfect for homes that receive a lot of foot traffic. Hickory hardwood floors are also best for?families with several?kids. Hickory’s grains are too close and not very evident. But that can be an advantage as hickory hardwood floors can go with just about anything. 

6. Pine 

Pine isn’t really a hardwood. It’s actually referred to as character?wood. Pine is known for its knots and pinholes. It’s very smooth, which why it’s the best?choice for homeowners?who require?hardwood but don’t want?the rough feel. This?character floor isn’t the cheapest hardwood, but it’s isn’t the costliest either. 

7. Cherry 

Cherry is a kind of timber that darkens while it grows older. It can generate a nice?finish like most?other hardwoods. Furthermore, cherry is rather?simple to maintain. It can also be scratched easily. Cherry hardwood?flooring was?used in construction for years. It is also?America’s most loved?hardwood. Cherry hardwood flooring can be?very difficult to work with. When it’s sanded though, it will look great.