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New Exhibitor Showmanship Info
Introduction to Showmanship
Junior Knowledge Suggestions
Intermediate Knowledge Suggestions
Senior Knowledge Suggestions
Miscellaneous  Study  Sheets
How eggs are Made
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About Poultry Feeds
Understanding Poultry Vitamins
Health vs. Poultry Droppings
Why Cull
Vaccinating for Foul Pox
Making an Embryo Display
Making an Egg Candler
How to Build an Incubator
Cholesterol in Eggs
Speaking of Eggs
Judging a Good Layer
Checking out Internal Organs
First Aid Kit for Poultry
Keeping Birds Cool in Summer
Unexplained Death and Fungus
Oxine and its many uses
Wintering your Chickens and Waterfowl
What Eggsactly an Easter Egger
Poultry Droppings
Hatching Eggs in the Classroom
Bathing and Grooming Chickens for Show
How to work with Breeding Birds
Basics for the Showroom
Filling out your First Entry Form
How a Showroom is Laid Out
Sample Judging Score Sheet
Poultry Showroom Basics
The Show-What You Should Know
Trios Display
How a Poultry Show Works in North America
Preparing your Bird for a Show-problems
Know your Breed/Class/Variety
Breed Class Bantam
Breed Class Standard
Breed Class Waterfowl/Turkey/Guinea
Adding Breed Varieties to the Standard
Breed Variety Sign
Poultry Disease Worksheets
Introduction to Diseases
Be Prepared for Coccidiosis
Bronchitis the Common Cold
Chronic Respiratory Disease
Coryza Disease
Fowl Pox
External Symptoms for Diagnosing Poultry Diseases
Study Sheet Infectious Bronchitis
What is Mereks Disease
What is Mycoplasma
What is Pullorum Disease
What is NPIP
What is Crusty Duck Head
What is Bumblefoot?
Fun Contest for your Show or Club
Bathing and Grooming Step by Step Rules
Bathing and Grooming Contest Setup
Bathing and Grooming Judges Sheets
Fun Egg Games and More
External Parasites
About Poultry Lice
Lice Eggs and Nits
Lice, Mites and Fleas

Scaley Leg Mites


Anatomy Worksheets
Introduction to Anatomy
External Parts of the Hen
External Parts of the Rooster
External Parts of the Duck
External Parts of the Goose
External Parts of the Guinea
Chicken Anatomy
Chicken and Turkey Anatomy
Chicken and Turkey Digestive
Chicken and Turkey Reproductive
Chicken and Turkey Respiratory
External Turkey Anatomy
Parts of the Wing
Parts of the Feather
Call Ducks by -Evy Avery
Indian Runner Ducks by -James Cason
Modern Game a Breed for Juniors-Jim Sallee
History of Breeds-by Doris Robinson
Belgian d'Uccle Bantams- KL Theodore

Two Stories in One 
he Ameraucana -John Blehm and
The Araucana -Alan Stanford, PhD 

Photo's of Breeds
Breed/Type of Combs
Poultry Genetics
American Class-Breed Histories
Rhode Island Red & White---Wyandotte
Asiatic Class-Breed Histories
English Class-Breed Histories
Mediterranean Class-Breed Histories
Anconas---Sicilian Buttercups---Catalanas
Continental Class-Breed Histories
Polish---Houdans---Faverolles---Crevecoeurs---La Fleche
SCCL- Class-Breed Histories
Campine Bantams--Dutch--
AOSB Class-Breed Histories
Games Modern--Games Old English
Oriental: Malays--Sumatras--Aseels--Shamos
Misc: Sultans--Frizzles--Naked Necks---Araucanas



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